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27 November 2012

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS™ Liquid B-12 Complex Review

I should have had this post up weeks ago, but thought that I should hold off on it for a bit. Recently, I participated in a 5K Turkey Trot. I have to tell you. I was so darn nervous! It was my first one since high school! I won't say how long ago that actually was   :)

Normally on a Saturday, I pick up produce, go home, and slide back into bed. All before the kids wake up for the day. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I was unable to do such a thing. In fact, that Saturday, I had to wake all of the kids up, feed them, leave to pick up produce, and then promptly head over to the event tent with my oldest, to check in and pin our bibs!

Knowing how busy my day would turn out, and that the race was still only the start of the day, I decided that this would be the perfect day to test out 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS™ Liquid B-12  Complex! Honestly, I don't know how I would have completed the day without it!

The taste was sweet with absolutely no vitamin-y after taste! As with most liquid vitamins, this kicked in quickly!  Awesome!  Only thing I didn't like, was that it was very sweet! It took me a bit of time to drink it down! If you like sweet...it will be perfect for you! 

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS™ Liquid B-12  Complex is made with high-grade B12 and all-natural cherry and tropical fruit flavors. Taken once per day, will give you a natural boost of energy that you need without the exhausting crash that's caused by caffeine and other stimulants.

Check out the Where To Buy section of the 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS site, to locate Liquid B-12 Complex near you!

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS provided me with product to test to help me write this review.

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