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06 April 2012

FeverAll to the rescue! With a Giveaway!

There's a rule among military spouses. When the guys are gone, anything that could happen, will! Let's knock on wood NOW! LOL! Soon as those boots cross over the threshold and out the door, in our house, someone ALWAYS gets sick!

I thought I was in the clear! As the kids had the sickies, of course in various forms and degrees, before this round of events. Little did I know what this past week would hold in store for me!

The little man was sick. Only symptom was a fever, and he just wasn't acting himself. Now, normally, he's a pro when it comes to taking any form of medicine! Not this time! Any time he needed to take something, I would have to pin him down between my knees, and kind of sit on him just to get him to keep his hands from blocking his mouth!  Did I mention the jaws of steel? Uh, yeah....he can clamp down and not open up, just like a shark!

Thank heavens for a lovely delivery of FeverAll! The stuff is amazing! Best of all...it came in suppository form! Heaven sent! No struggling to get liquid fever reducer into his mouth that would just end up getting spat back out!

When there's a fever, and there are no other symptoms, a doctor is just going to tell you to treat with a fever reducer. Normally I wouldn't mess with anything, however, fevers over 102, I treat. We saw a high of 103.6!

FeverAll worked quickly, was not messy (but he's also diapered during the night...and during the day when ill), and best of all, no struggling to open the jaws of steel!

FeverAll comes in dosages for infants, children, and youth (jr. strength). As with all medications, please follow the advice of your pediatrician or other doctor!

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Information and product was provided by FeverAll through a partnership with FRN

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