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26 February 2012

Story Harbour Vol. 1 Review

Recently I was introduced to a CD that contains a beautiful collection of world folklore. Stories from Africa, Russia, the British Isles, and many more enchanting locations! All performed by Zette Harbour, Story Harbour Vol. 1, is sure to catch the interest of all ages.

Recipient of the NAPPA Honors Award, the Parents' Choice Recommended Award, and the Creative Child Magazine 2011 Preferred Choice award, Story Harbour tells tales of gratitude, honoring promises, and so much more. The stories are truly captivating, and engaging. We've caught ourselves sitting in the car waiting for a story to finish before we will get out!

Story Harbour can be purchased at Amazon CD Baby for $14.00. Volume 1 is about 50 minutes long. Here is a look of what you will get:

  1. Anansi & Stories - West Africa  9:56 minutes
  2. Master of all Masters - English  3:53 minutes
  3. Little old Woman who lived in a Vinegar Bottle - British Isles  6:35 minutes
  4. The Crane Wife - Japanese  10:34 minutes
  5. The Sound of the Money - Jewish  4:11 minutes
  6. The Innkeeper's Clever Daughter - Russian  15:19 minutes

For more stories, check out Zette's YouTube Channel!!!

This review was written for Zette Harbour. A copy of Story Harbour Vol. 1 was sent to help facilitate this review.

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