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12 December 2011

Marina Games - My Grocery List Review

Marina Games has done it again! A new game just for those pre-schoolers! My Grocery List helps teach colors, shapes, and matching skills! Geared towards ages 3-7, even my 2 1/2 year old enjoys this game!!
A cross between bingo and memory, the object of the game is simple. First to gather all the items on their grocery shopping list, wins!!

After all small grocery item tiles are laid upside down on the table, each player picks a grocery basket and a grocery list. Starting with the youngest (what we decided on) player, each player takes a turn flipping 2 grocery tiles to find a match for their grocery list. If a match is not turned up, the tiles are flipped back over and the next person then tries to make a match from his/her grocery list. Winner is the first to find all their items that they are "shopping" for!

I love that there is no need to help the younger players read their cards. There is a picture that corresponds to the written item! Perfect for my Kinder who is starting to sound words out. We've actually started our games a little different. For her, I lay the shopping lists upside down for her to pick one. I then cover the pictures up, and let her try to sound out the word of the items that she will be shopping for. After attempting to sound each word out, I show her the picture associated with each word. It's fun, entertaining, and educational!!!

BUY IT!!!   My Grocery List game is available nation wide. To find a location near you, click HERE. My Grocery List retails for $7.99 and is a perfect gift for the holiday season!!!

This review was written for FRN through a partnership with Marina Games, who provided me with a game to test out!

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