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07 December 2011

Let Zero Scale help you with those New Year resoltions!

We're at the tale end of 2011, which means only one thing...Resolutions are being planned! Zero Scale lets you allow yourself to get excited about loosing weight and helps you obtain your goals!

Zero Scale is a unique high quality scale. With a large 1.3" LCD display, Zero Scale only reports the amount of weight you loose or gain! No one wants to be reminded of their starting weight, you only want to know how much you are to obtaining your goals! No more discouragement by seeing disgusting numbers!!  That down arrow with the amount is a wonderful sight to see!

Supporting up to 397 pounds, the sleek modern design allows for 4 users to track their progress. A guest mode allows any user to see their actual weight as well. This innovated approach is allowing me to obtain my short weekly goals, so that I can easily obtain my long term goals on time, or even early!

Some pro's to get excited about:

  • 10 year warranty!!
  • No hands needed! It's all activated by simple light foot taps!
  • Thick sturdy glass surface, makes sanitizing a cinch!
There is only one thing I worry about for my con list. The fact that it is glass. Though it's thick, I do worry about the possibility of chipping/cracking.  Anyone who's dealt with military movers, knows how a move can be! The glorious cancellation to this, is the lengthy 10 year warranty!! AWESOME!!!!

Zero Scale sent me my own scale to test out 15 days ago! And I have to say, I am absolutely in love! I hate, hate, hate seeing number, and remembering to write down my starting weight when I am setting my weight loss goals. Zero Scale has cut all of that out!

The scale tells me (so far only with down arrows), how much I have lost each day from the previous weigh in. Not only doe it tell me that, but right after, it tells me how much I have lost compared to day 1! Seeing the weight loss, and then the drop from the original weigh in is absolutely ingenious!

BUY IT!!! Zero Scale can be purchased online at their website, where currently they are on sale for $59.95 (regularly $69.95). If you order now, you will also receive a free digital pedometer/calorie counter, a $19.99 value.    Zero Scale is also offering my readers a special discount!!!   Enter "zero" upon checkout and receive a 15% discount!!

This review was written for FRN through through a partnership with Zero Scale, who provided me with a scale to aide in this review!  Thank you!!

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