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30 November 2011

An Elf For Our House!!

Last week I had absolutely had it!  The kids weren't doing anything that they were supposed to be doing at all! So I mentioned that Santa was going to have to send a letter about how displeased he was.  That same day a friend had posted something that an elf at their house does. So I inquired!
Here's what Jaimie had to say:

Hey girl! You can also get elf on the shelf at Halmark etc..... (comes with a book explaining the "rules")anyway, he comes out after thanksgiving, and flies back to the north pole every night after watching the kids all day. When he returns he has a new "hiding" spot and the kids have to find him...etc....He also leaves starts on the calander ("foil" stars that you can find at walmart - cheep and in the area by lables and envelopes etc) If you are perfect you get a Gold star and also earned a present under the tree to be brought by santa on christmas eve. Silver start you were pretty good and get something extra in your stocking. Green star - you wern't that good but not that bad either. Red star you were pretty bad and you loose something out of your stocking on Christmas eve. Blue star you were a devil and you loose a present under the tree. The kids love waking up in the morning and looking for the elf and the stars. The stars arn't in the elf on the shelf book, that's a family tradtion of ours.....Hope that helps!! It really does help with behavior and holiday ((ahahahahahahahaaaaaa)) that the kids get!

At the same moment (seriously, I opened my message and heard from another friend), Eric says I need and Elf on the Shelf! 

So, Santa sent a letter!

Click on this one to be able to read it:

Here's our chart:

And.....this morning, our dispatched elf, Larry (the kids named him) arrived!

The girls are already trying to figure out where Larry will be hiding when he returns from his visit with Santa!

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