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14 October 2011

Modify Watches Review and Giveaway!

Modify Watches is a pretty neat concept! When I first read about the concept I was brought back to when I was little and Swatches were the in thing! Remember those? You had a watch face and could interchange the bands to suit your style or mood?!  Well, Modify Watches has a similar concept!  

Made from a flexible rubbery plastic material, you can design your watch based on your own preferences. Simply select the band(s) that you would like and combine it with the face style of your choosing! You can preview as you go! Just make sure to hit clear if you don't like what you see, or it will end up in your cart!

Though the concept is fantastic, there are some things that need to be improved upon. Unless you are paying close attention, it's difficult to tell which is the 6 end and which is the 12 end. The second hand (which can be seen better if you click the picture to the right) sits balanced. What do I mean by this? Well, you can't tell which end of the second hand is the correct end. When one end is pointing at the 3, the other is equally pointing at the 9. Both ends are of equal length!! When inside of the watch band, the dial to change time is very difficult to access, and if you couldn't tell by the picture of the watch on my wrist, this watch is incredibly chunky! Even on my husband.

BUY IT!!!   If you would like to build your own watch, you can do so directly on the Modify Watch website! Prices start at $45 for a single watch face and band. You can also purchase kits that start at $55 for a single watch face and 2 bands.

WIN IT!!!   Modify Watches would like to give one of my winners their very own watch face and band (of their color preference)! Simply see the widget for more info!

The review was written for Modify Watches through a partnership with FRN. Any and all opinions are mine. A watch and 2 bands were sent to help facilitate this review.

1 comment:

Aaron Schwartz said...

Thanks for the amazing review. thank you especially for the feedback. With the next version of our watches (due in about a month!!) we'll be improving our hands and the 12/6 indicator.

We're a pretty young startup, and we really want to improve our product, so if any other readers have feedback, please share here or email directly, aaron@modifywatches.com

Thank You!!!