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01 October 2011

Marina Games Take-Out Review

Marina Games has come out with a fun dice game for all ages (recommended for ages 8+). We should have written this a week or so ago, but we have been having so much fun!! Even my 5 year old Kindergartner enjoys this game!

Not only is Take-Out a fun game, that makes you crave playing it more, it's also a very educational game! Like I mentioned, my 5 year old enjoys playing this game...she's counting, adding, and even subtracting. Going into her 3rd week of Kindergarten, and she is able to add and subtract!

My 12 year old loves it as well, but it's a love hate relationship. You see, even though we've played this game twenty some odd times with her, she's always been the first out! LOL!  But she wants to keep going.

There is no way to cheat, and make you think about the different number combination options you have! Take-Out is a game that everyone will enjoy!

This review was written for Marina Games through a partnership with FRN. All opinions are mine alone.

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