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09 September 2011

Pictures and a Story for Grandma!

This week was the first week back to school. We officially have a 6th grader, 5th grader, 2nd grader, and a Kinder! This year comes with a lot of new challenges, and lots of new fun!!

I absolutely LOVE that Katie's class has 3 rules!  Respect, Responsibility, and Reflection.  They talked about what each of these mean, and the teacher had the kids give examples to him so he knew they understood!

And, This may not be a big thing for a lot of people, but for me it is!

The second day of school, the kids in grade 6 (Katie's grade) were separated by gender. They talked to the kids about dress standards and what is appropriate and why. These standards follow exactly what my hubby and I teach the kids, and to me, this is HUGE. Shirts must have sleeves, shorts no shorted than an inch above the knee, making sure that the necklines on their shirts aren't so low that when they go to lean over (even a little bit), boys won't see things.

They learned the secret code (should that Nasty 'ol Aunt come knocking), to get them out of class so they can take care of things. Having a male teacher, all Katie would have to say is that she needs to go talk to insert female teacher name here.

She's decided to join the band, and will be playing the clarinet!! We bought one for the same price as renting one for 2 months. It's part of her birthday gifts, and she received it early so that she could have practice time, and use it the first 2 weeks of school (2 weeks early, not too bad)!

6th graders at our school are assigned Kinder Buddies. She loves her Kinder Buddy. They ride the bus together! Katie helps her get to and from the bus every day. She walks her to and from assemblies, and sits with her. They do quite a bit with their Kinder Buddies!

Zada hasn't said too much about school, but that's just her. She has said that she really likes her teacher. Her first male teacher. He's pretty quiet, and quick to notice if the kids are overwhelmed. I know the first days was stressful for her, as she came home with scratches on her neck. Something she does when she's overwhelmed. Not as bad as they have been in past years.

She's in a fairly small class this year, and is sitting in a quiet area of the room. She is currently sitting in the back middle, so she can easily stand up for a breather if needed, without being a distraction.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Trice's class arrangement. Honestly, I'm not too pleased with it. They took and knocked out a wall between 2 rooms and have 2 classes combined together. 65 students, and they just hired a 3rd teacher to be in there.

Meet the teacher night was a total nightmare in there. I have no clue who the teacher(s) is/are. I only know the name. We sat at her desk for 15 minutes, putting away her supplies, doing the checklist, reading through papers and filling them out, and not once did any adult resembling a teacher introduce themselves to us.

I'm told that yesterday the kids were very calm, and the class was very organized. Though at the end of the day, Trice can't remember anything outside of the food pyramid that they talked about. I'll know how well this situation is or isn't when the term is up, and if needed, will be requesting other arrangements be made.

Luckily, I have several friends with kids in the class, who don't have other kids at home during the day that plan on volunteering in the room. That makes me feel some relief!

First thing out of Emma's mouth after she got off the bus and ran across the street was, "School is SO AWESOME! Can I go again tomorrow?"!!  She loves it! And you can tell! She has 2 friends from primary in her class! And she sits right next to one of them!

She loves her Kinder Buddy, who like Katie's, rides the bus with her!  She told me that her favorite part of her first day was, "seeing a yellow jacket rub it's antenna with it's front feet", and the worst part of the day was, "none of it"! 

She loves riding the bus! Her best friend's mom is the driver!! She told me, "that every time the bus would turn, my butt slides around on the seat"! LOL! She was a little sad at lunch time and missed me. She told me that she didn't have anyone to play with, so Trice played with her. And that made it better!

Yesterday (Thursday), was the first day of school for her!! They took a class picture by the flagpole, toured the campus with their Kinder Buddies, and took their first trip to the library! Today, they had their first assembly, made calendars (with the class picture) to take home and hang up, and received their first homework assignments!!!  

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