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30 August 2011

Youth Safety on the Farm Review & Giveaway

Summer is almost over leaving a little time left to spend making lasting family memories. Maybe a trip to a farm or ranch is on the list of things to do. The Progressive Agriculture Foundation has found that each year an estimated 15,000 children who visit, live or work on farms or ranches are injured and more than 100 children die of agriculture-related injuries in the United States alone.


Kubota, maker of tractor and their equipment, has a few safety tips for kids to help them enjoy their time in the outdoors!

  • Stop, look and listen when playing outside, especially on the farm, and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Farm equipment is not safe to ride on even when an adult is present.
  • Tractors are not toys! The are powerful machines only to be used by adults who are thoroughly familiar with the equipment.
  • Children should never ride on a tractor; a tractor only has one seat and that seat is intended for the operator. Just say "no" if someone wants to give you a ride. It's not safe to be a "rider" when the tractor is intended for one operator.
  • Stay out of the path of all moving equipment. And, stand far away from a tractor when it is being started; when it is running; and, especially when it is working.
  • Never stand behind a tractor - whether it's running or not - because the operator might not see you and you could get hurt.
  • Be a "safety first sheriff" and encourage use of seatbelts for your entire family. Just like in a car, a tractor is equipped with a seatbelt for safety. Additionally, a Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) on a tractor is in place to protect the driver.

For more tips and information about farm safety, visit Kubota!

WIN IT!!! Kubota wants to help spread the word of Farm and tractor safety and is giving one of my amazing followers a Kubota Kids Safety Kit containing Kubota-developed educational materials including:
·         “Kubota’s Farm Safety Tips for Kids” sheet
·         Ten Commandments of Tractor Safety” coloring book
·         Kubota lunch bag
·         Kubota  t-shirt
·         Kubota youth-sized baseball cap
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All information for this post was supplied by Kubota through FRN, who supplied me with a Safety kit and tips to help facilitate this review!

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