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22 July 2011

FoundIt! Review and Giveaway!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how many times we have been out and about and have dropped something and never noticed. I remember one time we lost a small blanket in the airport and didn't even noticed until we had caught our connecting flight and were about to land at our final destination. Or the Carseat that the airline lost.

Just this past summer we did a MAJOR move. we're talking, we had to drive through 6 states to get to where we were going. Yup! As per usual, somehow, somewhere along the way, we lost my sons favorite cup and several other things along the way.

Last week, I almost left the diaper bag in the family restroom at the mall! Ooops! Good thing I turned around and checked the room before we left! From keys, to luggage, phones, to toys, things are lost every day!

Did you know:

-56% of us will lose or misplace our phones once a month.
-164,383 phones will be lost, stolen, or damaged today in the U.S.
-70% of items that are turned into lost and found are NEVER claimed.

Just last year, our school alone donated boxes and boxes of lost and unclaimed items. Lunchboxes, umbrellas, coats, hats, boots, toys...you name it! Finally someone is doing something about it!


FoundIt! has revolutionized the lost and found system, taking the hassle and stress out of finding your lost items! Making it possible to be reunited with your treasures in no time at all! All the while, protecting your identity and saving you money in the process!


The process is quite simple. After signing up, you are "issued" an ID code.  This code is called in, text in,  or reported on the website when your lost item is found. You are then sent an email and a text message (rates vary according to location and service carrier), to let you know that your item has been found. You can then easily be reunited with your lost object in no time!

With the new school year fast approaching, now is the best time to lock in certainty that your child's lost items will be found. Don't forget to add stickers to all their electronic gadgets! By the end of the year, schools everywhere have drawer fulls of confiscated game systems, phones, and other gadgets that children of all ages have had taken away. Make sure your child get's theirs back, without hesitation!!!

You may be thinking that the prices for this too good to be true service are steep. Quite the contrary! Take a look at their plans:

MacDaddy Family Package — $24.99

  • 4 years access to FoundIt Network
  • Set of 62 stickers
  • 2 key tags
  • 3 bag tags
  • 1 luggage tag/ID card
  • 2 round tags (pet tag)
FoundIt Tag






Premium Package — $14.99

  • 2 years access to FoundIt Network
  • Set of 36 stickers
  • 1 key tag
  • 2 bag tags
  • 1 luggage tag/ID card
FoundIt Tag





Starter Package — $7.99

  • 1 year access to FoundIt Network
  • Set of 10 stickers

 That's $6.25 per year when you purchase the Mac Daddy Package! Not too shabby!! And get this.....It's not per person, unless you want it to be! Get this, my family, (2 parents, 5 children) 1 ID! So the Mac Daddy Package just became even more affordable at $0.89 per year for each person in my family! You can't beat that deal anywhere!!!!!

SAVE $$$  Thanks to the the awesome-ness of FoundIt!, They are offering all my readers a discount! Simply use the code, "ArmyMoms" at checkout and save 25% any of any package.

WIN IT!!!  FoundIt! is generously giving away, to one of my readers, 1 Mac Daddy Package! They wanted to pay me for this post, but I wanted to share this incredible service with one of you!!! To enter, see my Giveaway Widget! It contains all of the details as well as how to enter. Best of all, All my military readers.....APO/FPO address CAN enter!!!! How exciting is that?!   Good luck!!!!!

No payment was received for this post. FoundIt! did supply me 
With a package to help aid in the reviewing process
of this post! 

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