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10 May 2011

Marina Games: Skunked Review

We LOVE games! Games of all sorts! So when I heard that I would be reviewing a new game by Marina, I was ecstatic! Skunked is a super easy game. Perfect for parties, this 2+ player game is played by using 2 dice and poker chips. Everything needed is in the box, however, you can always add more poker chips as needed for the amount of players! You do need to have something to mark scores down on and with!

Playing is incredibly easy to grasp. Simply roll the dice...don't roll a 1 or double 1's....or you end up loosing your score for that round, or even your whole score all together! Keep rolling and adding to the pot, or write down your score...the choice is yours, and the odds are to try NOT to get Skunked!!!

Recommended for ages 8 and up, this game was easy enough for even my 7 year old to grasp!This can be a great way to teach math skills...as we have, and will continue to do with our younger children.

This review was written for FRN through a partnership with Marina Games, who provided the game to help facilitate this review!

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