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18 May 2011

"Dare To D'Noir" Review

I think over the years, there has been a stereotype attached to prunes. Maybe even a few. Don't people know that prunes are JUST dried plums? Plums are sweet, juicy, and full of fiber and anti-oxidants. Best of all, they are delicious!

Sunsweet growers have been working hard with mother nature for close to 100 years to perfect the art of prune making. They would like to introduce their newest masterpiece, D'Noir Prunes! These are the juiciest, best tasting prunes I have ever had. Better than anything, they are preservative free, just like my mom used to make!
In celebration of D'Noir, Sunsweet has recently launched the "Dare to D'Noir Challenge". Now through June 17th, visit Sunsweet's Facebook page and submit a video of yourself, your kids, and/or your friends enjoying D'Noir for the first time!!!  Enter to win a chance to win $5000!

This review was written for FRN and Sunsweet, who provided me with a bag of D'Noir to help facilitate this review.

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