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02 May 2011

Cardi Wrap by Kymaro Review

How would you like to have 50+ styles with just 1 article of clothing?? Would you do it in a heartbeat? I know I would! Cardi Wrap by Kymaro has done just this!!  No matter you shape or size, this is the perfect addition to any ladies wardrobe!

Simply adding a twist, a knot, wrap, or toss to help accent your better areas, and hide your imperfections! This is perfect for the new mom who is in between "post baby" and "back to self" clothing! Best of all, for new moms, the Cardi Wrap makes it easy to nurse in public discretely!

Though, I love several of the styles, here are 2 of them. The others didn't photograph nicely without my oldest here to help. I'm really loving the Cardi Wrap, and am wanting to purchase  a tan Cardi Wrap, as well as a Blue!

Available in 2 sizes, Dress Size 0-12 (Misses) and Dress Size 14+ ( Plus), Cardi Wrap is available in 7 different colors and will run you between $40 and $50 depending on if you want the accessory kit. Accessory kit contains Includes 3 Bangles that are Silver (1), Gold (1), and Black (1) as well as 1 of each flower and bow broach! All can be purchased by clicking HERE.

This post was written for FRN through their partnership with Kymaro Cadi Wrap who provided a wrap to better facilitate this review.

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