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26 April 2011

Munchies Lunch Review

Footloose Games has introduced a captivating game for all ages. Munchies' Lunch reminds me of Pac Man in a way. Inspired by a real family during the Civil War and the journey they endured while away from their home.

Venture off as Mrs. Munchie as she leads her family through the world. Gather fruits for the kiddos and avoid fights with the devious creatures that will get in your way.

 This game is incredibly easy to grasp, yet as you go up in levels, it becomes harder to master. Even my freshly turned 5 year old gets how to play this game!  With 100 levels, this game is suitably priced at $5.99!

You can purchase Munchies' Lunch straight from the website. Credit cards and Paypal are accepted! Want to test it out first??? Click HERE

Warning: This game is highly addictive! As you play, it is possible to loose hours in the day!

This review was written for Footloose Games through a partnership with FRN. All opinions stated are solely mine. No payment was received for this review, however a complementary download was received to help facilitate it.

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