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01 March 2011

Kid-E-Cover Review

On the top of each new and expecting parents list of things to do is safety. Whether it's picking out child friendly decor, moving things to a higher shelf, or adding latched to cabinet doors, we all prefer to do them sooner rather than later. Knowing this need, Elicole LLC created a perfect fit for any household. 

Made for homes, like mine, this innovated Socket plate cover is ingenious! Kid-E-Cover, replaces your current socket covers and protects curious little fingers. Simply pull the tab on the side while plugging in a cord. The second the cord is removed, the tab snaps back into place protecting those precious little ones in our homes! 

I have added one to my son's room, and should order a few more! Right next to his toy box, is a dreaded socket. Up until recently, he has had no interest in it. Until he found one down stairs that has a lamp plugged into it! He promptly pulled out the plug and realized that the light went out and tried to plug it back in. Luckily he was in arms reach and I was able to take care of the situation before it could have been disastrous.

Each plate comes with a matching screw and the instructions. Honestly, I didn't even need the instructions! Installation is self explanatory and extremely easy! That doesn't mean you should bypass them altogether though! Make sure, to read them, especially if you have never worked with electrical projects. 

Currently, 5 Kid-E-Covers will run you $15! A small amount to pay for a large amount of safety!

This review was written for FRN and  Elicole LLC who generously sent me a Kid-E-Cover to test out and facilitate in this review.

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