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31 December 2010

A year to remember!

This year has been quite the emotional one for me. Full of blessings, heartaches, endings and new beginnings. For every past hurdle, I am more than grateful that I cleared them. Only through the help of family, friends, and my Lord was it possible.

January started out with FINALLY getting my counter tops in! Boy was that such a joyous day! I remember thinking it would never arrive!

February blessed us with snow! Enough snow, that the kids in West Central Texas were given the day off from school! We all couldn't have been happier! Yes, there was no school, but the arrival of snow kept them out from under feet all day!

March! Who could forget March. Krysten (my sister in law) and I have spent every Spring Break together for the last 3 years! It's always a blast. Since we were both going to be moving, to opposite ends of the country (thanks to the Army and the Navy), we were going to do Spring Break up big! We planned a road trip just 2 moms and a total of 6 kids! All in the same car!

We started out by attending Krysten's sister's wedding reception. Such a beautiful bride! Then we headed to St. George, UT! We figured that we would do great! HA! LOL! No such luck! We hit an unexpected snow storm outside of Albuquerque, NM. Sorry NM, I'm not coming through there EVER again! White out in the pass! We had to stop for the night because all of our nerves were fried. It took a long time to calm down enough to sleep that night.

 Than night, 2 of the kids got sick. BLAH! Eventually we made it to St. George. We had a blast. The trip home was just as eventful, right down to another unexpected snow storm, and us taking the LONG way home! It was such a wonderful Spring Break!

April brought us into more demo work. This time in the master bathroom.

And the starting of staining kitchen cabinets.

May, we said good bye to all of our wonderful San Angelo, TX teachers.

June was an especially hard month for me. With little notice, I had to pack up my entire home (by myself), arrange for a moving trailer, finish all of our projects we had around the house, and move out of TX. I shed more tears that month than ever before. Even though saying goodbye, is always hard, but we can be happy that we will always have our memories with us.

July and August found us in Arizona. Though stressed, broken, and worn out, we tried to make the best of it.

After spending a week visiting family in CA, we made the drive to WA. Arriving just as September started, and just in time to start school in a new state!

November we found a lot to be thankful for. Though we haven't sold our home in TX, we are all together. That in and of it's self is a lot.

Here we are in December. Just packing away the last of the Christmas stuff and officially New Years Eve Morn. So much has gone on. Good and Bad. It all has added more strength, more faith, and more blessings in my life.

I wish that you all had a very blessed 2010. Here's to 2011!


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