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14 December 2010

mOmma Review

Ever have a moment after you've seen something along the lines of, "Why didn't I think of that?"? This is one of those products!

mOmma is such an innovated new line of feeding and teething products!  Designed by a mom and loved by moms, dads, and babies alike. How many times a day do you pick up spoons, bowls and sippy cups up off of the floor? WAY TOO MANY, right?!

This is just way too cool! Every one of mOmma’s products are designed to stay upright when not in hand! What does that mean? Everything stays less germified (is that even a real word?)!  Surfaces normally made messy by droppage, stays less messy! 

You have got to watch this with your own eyes to believe it! Just don't pay attention as to how I look, I'm sporting the dreaded strep throat...blah!

Now, how do you like that? My only wish is that the cups, were a little less top heavy so even when less than 1/2 full, they would rock right back up.

Perfect to give as a gift for a new mom, a birthday, or even for Christmas and Easter! You can purchase mOmma products for anywhere from $7.25-$22.00 depending on the item. Products can be purchased HERE.

It’s about time someone came out with stuff like this! Thanks mOmma!!!!!

This review was written for FRN and mOmma, who generously provided products to help in aiding an honest review. No compensation was received. 

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