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27 October 2010

Xlear Kid's Tooth Gel & Banana Baby Brush Review *Updated with Give Away*

Xlear, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Xylitol products.  They recently have partnered up with Live-Right, the maker of Baby Banana Brush and have introduced their Strawberry Banana Spry tooth gel!

Sweetened with the 100% natural sweetener Xylitol, and coupled with a Banana Baby Brush, these companies are making brushing toddlers teeth fun and tasty! 

Kids Spry tooth gel is All-Natural, Safe to swallow, and Fluoride Free! Safe for ages 3 months and up, this tooth gel promotes a positive oral environment and can be used on all beginner toothbrushes and even with the Spry Pacifier. Kids Spry Tooth Gel is available in Strawberry Banana flavor as well as in Original and is part of the Spry Dental Defense System, a growing line of oral care products.

Spry Tooth Gel has just the right amount of sweetness without being over done. No funny aftertastes at all.  Remember, as with all oral hygiene products to keep this out of your little one's reach and only allow supervised usage!

Baby Banana Brush is an awesome brush for infants and toddlers. Made from 100% flexible silicone, this brush is perfect for the teether! My son is working on eye teeth right now. Just about anything he bites sends the tears flowing. Baby Banana Brush has not done that! He rather enjoys chewing away on this!

 Nubs on the "butt" end of the Baby Banana Brush help massage sore gums, while soft silicone bristles at the "head" of the banana help to gently remove plaque from gums and teeth.

Banana Baby Brush is:
  • Developed by a dental hygienist and mother.
  • Infant oral care guidelines enclosed in packaging.
  • Latex-free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ages 3 months and up
  • Approx. 5" length by ¾" width.

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This review was written for Xclear Inc. through their partnership with FRN. Product was sent in exchange for my unbiased opinion and to help facilitate this review.


BabyBananaBrush said...

Thanks so much for the great product review! We are so glad that your baby has found relief using the brush. Let us know if we can use your picture on our facebook page!

Teeth Cleaning Fort Lauderdale said...

The product looks good and I think the kids will also like this product. It is good to buy a toothpaste which is liked by the kids. If they like that particular toothpaste or the toothbrush they will brush their teeth without any problem. It is good to train them to brush and floss regularly so that they will have a healthy oral health.