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14 October 2010

Cosmic Forces

About a week or so ago I was having problems sleeping. Kept having dreams that were unbelievably vivid and felt so real. Only one subject...one thing that was consistent through them all. 

Babies. Love them, but not right now! LOL!
And then, the phone calls started and announcements started being made! Everyone is having babies right now! No joke! Seriously! The morning that I wake up with the first dream, my friend in Alaska sends me an email for her blog that she has up and running again....first thing I see, a little count down with a baby floating around in it!

A few days later, after yet another dream, I have a text asking me if I was preggers. Nope...sorry mom. She's told me my sis in law is (since then has lost it - I'm sorry Hun, (((HUGS))). )

So last night, another dream (I'm wishing they would stop for now!)...today, I just found out another friend is preggers! 

So, cosmic forces....whatever you may be trying to tell me, can we put this on hold for a while??? I'd like to be able to sleep through the night for a change! I'm just sayin'!


Mom Anderson said...

Laurel lost her baby but Liz and James(Brittany)continue to purcolate if you didn't already know. Somebody's trying to tell you something so get with the program. hehe

Peggy said...

I am waiting for more grandbabies so start dreaming of babies !! LOL