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22 September 2010

StudyX Review

Summer has come to an end and the cooler mornings have arrived. Without a doubt, this is a bitter sweet time of year for parents. Shooing the kids out of the house in the morning means we can actually get things done! Welcoming them home, well homework! Some times it's more headache than what it's worth. And if you have a child like one of mine, it's always a struggle, no matter how easy it is.

StudyX has been a welcome retreat for us. Making homework easy and fun is a goal for anyone, no matter what age you are! It has been proven that if you make studying fun and intriguing, the subjects will be retained longer and better grade will be achieved.

Studying with StudyX is simple. You can either input your material in a question answer format, or use the software that is pre-programmed. Software can be purchased for hard copy AND downloaded straight to your computer! Both Awesome choices!

From flash cards to several games, auto test generators to printable note cards. We have had a lot of fun using this for homework already and look forward to the years of continued use we will be able to get out of it.

We have only had one area that we have tested that we didn't like. The foreign language section. Having a hubby who is payed to know languages, as well as have served a foreign speaking church mission, he had a chance to get his hands into this as well. Unfortunately, foreign language can not be done successfully in a flash card setting. Many words that are spelled identical, can have multiple (and completely different) meaning depending on where you put the emphasis at. Something that can only be done with a program in which has actual listening sections.

StudyX is available for $39.99, and works on Windows XP/Vista/7 and newer.

This review was written for StudyX through a partnership with FRN. Products were supplied in exchange for my honest review.

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