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07 August 2010

Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ

Ok, alright, we didn't go into the caverns. First we went on a scavenger hunt inside of the Discovery Center. The kids all learned a lot about different formations that are routinely found in caves and caverns. They learned about bats and large sloths, and other animals! We made it half way through our hunt when the little guy decided he was done, so we set out on a 2.5 mole hike around the caverns. It was so much fun!!! The trail was rated easy, moderate and extreme. It really wasn't that bad! Even #4 who is 4 walked the entire way herself!

Here are some of the sites!

The funniest thing???

This is the look we got after 2 miles into our hike, she remarks "I have to go potty"! We showed her exactly where! LOL!

The prettiest view???

The view from the parking lot just before we got back to our car!

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