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18 August 2010

Back to School!

I decided I want to go back to school. Go for LVN and possibly looking into going to RN! I want to specialize in Peds or OB. I have to wait for winter term to submit my apps to the program and then wont be able to start classes until Spring term. I LOVED working as a Pharmacy Technician and that experience should help me with this. 

I figure that with as many BAD - BAD experiences that I have had dealing with nurses and doctors who won't listen to me or even to mother's intuition period, I want to change that for my family. I took #5 in for the beginning of an ear infection and the RN we saw told me that it was just teething and to give him a carrot to chew on. He's had a HUGE laundry list of ear infections. He's had one every other month, since he was 4 months old...not to mention the 4 girls have had some (#4 way more than the others). She told me because he has tubes there isn't anything we can do if he ever gets them anyways. They will just drain for months and heal themselves. Bull Crap! I refuse to put my son's hearing in jeopardy!

I'm tired of it and the way we as moms are treated. Time to better my family's quality of life, and others in the military community. I am wanting to also work only on base/post if possible.  

Sorry if part of this turned into a rant. Military medical facilities frustrate me.

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