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16 August 2010

Another weekend gone...

...and another family outing on the record!

Hubby and I decided last weekend that our next weekend outing would be Bisbee and Tombstone! Saturday morning started out as any other. We TRIED to sleep in, as we had stayed up all too late watching a couple great movies! Breakfast was followed by getting dressed and making sure kids had some chores done. We then heard begging for hikes! So we told the to get shoes on on fill up their Camelbacks! Quick rearranging diapering items, snacks and making sure we had all things of immediate necessities. The kids had no clue what we had planned, and so the adventure was on!

First up, Bisbee!! 

The sites were beautiful!!! We learned that among other things, this small mining community used to mine Copper! 

There were stairs EVERYWHERE! No joke! This tiny town is known for their stairs as well as the copper!
Here's a few sets!

If you click on this next picture you can see all the flights for this set of stair! Crazy, No?!

Next was on to Tombstone! Our first stop was........Boothill Cemetery

Many were buried in  Boot Hill. Most famous for the burials of Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury and Tom McLaury; the three men killed during the well known Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. 

Downtown Tombstone was a treat! We enjoyed dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant. Over 100 years old, this place was so amazing!

The kids enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up in appropriate fashions for the time period. From cowboys to lady's dressed for the 'night' it was all there! We even heard a gun fight! The kids favorite part? The stagecoachs!!

You can more pictures from this trip at my Photo Blog HERE.

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