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14 July 2010

Sun Spiders


Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike spiders.
Last night was no exception.

Around 1am I awoke to a tickling sensation against my hand. No biggie, could have just been a hair. Seconds later I feel it again. Brushed it off, again thinking it was a hair. Seconds later, I feel the same sensation. So I draw my hand away and look. Something retreated. Seeing as I was rudely awakened, I figured that my eyes were playing tricks on me, until I see it again. 

I sat up petrified. Surely it's got to be my eye playing tricks on me! I get up, walk around, it's warm in the house, so I go get a drink and turn the AC on. I grab the flash light just in case. Turn it on, nothing. I hear a dog whining so I peak outside, thinking that maybe it's Sweetie. If she knows we're awake, it tends to bother her and she needs to be re-assured. Nope, she's sleeping. It's the dog next door. His owner must have had to work a long shift.

Off to bed I go, still have the flashlight in hand. I re-check just to be safe. Nothing under the covers, but under my pillow, I see this (Note this is not the exact one, but it is the specific species)! 


I jump back, as it comes running (not kidding - these things are quick!) towards me, but still on the bed. It falls off the bed and then hides underneath it. Now mind you, right now until we have a place in WA (September), we are on a nice air mattress!

Crud! I better not have lost it. I get down on the floor and look to see if I can see it. Nope! Crap! Paranoid? Of strange spiders? Uh - YEAH!

By this time I realize, I have nothing but my undies on. How the heck am I supposed to squish it? I retreat to the front room for a shoe. Any shoe! Great, the only one I can find is one of mine! 

Shoe in one hand, flashlight in the other, I head back to my room to find the dumb thing. I start shining the flashlight at the base of my bed when the thing comes full speed, right for me again! 

I screamed, practically throwing the shoe at it. Luckily I got it! Just to make sure, I squashed it with extra force. 

Feel free to enlarge. You can clearly see the head away from the body! The sharp pinchy thingy?? It's mouth!

Hubby slept through everything! The scream, everything! No more sleeping with the window open in this place!


Our House said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I'm glad it was you and not me:)

Meeko Fabulous said...

That is foul!!!

Rachel and Danny said...

That would have scared me soooo bad!! One time I woke up at 5am to something tickling my neck. It was a spider. I freaked. I'd had a late night and was exhausted, but I couldn't sleep for the next couple of days. I purged my room to make sure there weren't anymore lying around somewhere.