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29 July 2010


Ever heard of that? Not until 2 nights ago when our dog was doing her "you don't belong here" growl! I love that she has a very distinguishable growl for when things/people do not belong in our yard. Mostly it's animal related!

Alright, so what is this Couch's Spadefoot? Would you believe me if I told you it was a toad?? Here's what it looks like:

They get up to about 3 and a half inches...which was about at big as this little guy was. Apparently, they are one of the toads that will bury itself in the mud and stay there for about 10 months until the monsoons come. After the first couple major rains, the come out ans breed like crazy!

They can go from tadpole to toad in as little as 7-8 days, however if their little ponding areas start to dry out faster, that time is shorter! They can live for as long as 13 years!

So before we even saw this thing, we heard it! It sounded like some sort of dying bird or animal! Want to hear for yourself? Click here.

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