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24 July 2010

AZ Hiking Fun!

Today we took a family outing to Beatty's Guest Ranch. Such a neat place! It's such a peaceful place! Known for their abundant humming bird visitors world wide! So we figured that we would check it out!

The views were breath taking! 

There was a beautiful pond with waterlilies and Huachuca Leopard Frogs.

The Guinea Foul were entertaining! What chatter-boxes!

We saw humming birds! (Click for better view)

And one of the local 4 legged varieties of beast, loved the attention!

Regin couldn't get enough of the rocks and was very anxious to get on with our hike!

  We hiked the Hunter Canyon and Miller Canyon Trails!

We hiked for 2 or so hours on only heard I'm hungry half a dozen times from 1, and I want to go home once from another!

All in all the day was amazing, the weather was great! It was in the 90's with a breeze and lots of shade! Couldn't have asked for a better day!

One last breath taking view! On our way home off the mountain!

You can also see some other pictures HERE!!

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