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23 June 2010

To Do Lists!

Things to do

My list is drastically shrinking!!!
Finish painting shutters for the front of the house.  1 set done.
Hang shutters! 1 set done
Scrape and mud bathroom ceiling. Scraping on Tuesday - tomorrow. Blah! Things came up. Haven't done it yet :(
Finish painting kitchen.
Lay grass seed.  
Paint rooms upstairs. One down - one to go....priming anyways. Took me only about an hour to do a HUGE room!

Movers!!!!!  24th, 25th and if needed the 28th (apparently we may have a house of nothing but boxes over that weekend)!  Uggggggggh! Where to begin! Movers were supposed to schedule a walk through so that they could gauge what and how much in the way of supplies would be needed. Monday morning I called down to San Antonio, to get the movers number and to find out what was going on, because that walk through hadn't happened. No contact had been made by any company what-so-ever. Turns out, movers are not taking any contracts right now. Our move has been in the military system waiting for a company to bid on it for a month now, and nothing! Military wise, no one even bothered to call to let us know, or even to warn that this was going on. So Monday, between tears of frustration and stress, were were able to figure out what we were going to do. 
We have decided to hire a pod trailer from ABF  and will have it delivered on Friday. I have been crazy busy packing, painting, cleaning, staging, and more packing. SO glad that it is almost all over!

I'm sorry if these to do lists are the only thing I have been posting. Things will calm down after me get to our first destination. Arizona. 

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Kristi M. said...

We just got thru painting Evan's bedroom- which was super small, and Joseph did it by himself- so it wasn't that bad on me. I feel your pain though- sounds like you have a lot to do!!!! Are you moving?!?!