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08 June 2010

Our new chore chart!

So many have asked so I will write it out here!

In a folder, I have put 7 sheet protectors (1 for each day of the week) and a dry erase marker. Try to use the glossy sheet protectors, they work best.

Each day of the week, the chores are the same. I wanted to keep track without saying, "I can't remember which one you didn't finish", so we have a page for each day. At the end of the week, the will get 5 pieces of candy for each day they have completed every chore they are supposed to have.

At the end of the week, if they have finished everything, for every day, then we will put into a jar, a few dollars so that they can buy something special for our trip to AZ. Once in AZ, they will be earning for the trip to WA.

In order to check off chores for the day, they MUST do their jobs throughout the day and have them checked. They will be re-checked at bed time to receive the actual check marks for the day.

Here are their chores:

KATIE  (almost 11):
~ Load dishwasher after scrubbing everything (she refuses to do this on a regular basis).
~ Move all trash from smaller trash cans to the larger laundry room trash can.
~ Scrub upstairs bathroom.
~ Sweep floors M,W,F
~ Mop floors T,TH,SA
~ Fold and put away all of your own clean laundry.

ZADA  (almost 10):
~ Empty dishwasher after washing hands (we find muddy fingerprints on occasion).
~ Empty large trash cans and take outside.
~ Scrub downstairs bathroom.
~ Sweep floors T,TH,SA
~ Mop floors M, W, F
~ Fold and put away all of your own clean laundry.

TRICE  (almost 7):
~ Empty dryer
~ Fold all clean towels
~ Match socks from dryer load
~ Move laundry from washer to dryer and clean lint screen.
~ Clear table (not plastics) and wash.
~ Fold and put away all of your own clean laundry.

EMMA (4):
~ Pick up big pieces of trash off of floor.
~ Put toys away.
~ Clear Plastic dishes from table.
~ Fold and put away all of your own clean laundry.

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