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03 May 2010

To Do lists!

Things to do

Installed a new dining room light fixture.  But now I have decided it's not enough light for my liking and will be putting something else up.
Find new dining room light :(     Install New Dining room light!!!!
Completely clean and rearranged the living room.
Finish painting shutters for the front of the house.  1 set done.
Hang shutters! 1 set done
Paint the front door.
Hang sheet rock in the kitchen! Started. Can only go so far by myself. The stuff is HEAVY! Might start this after I scrape the ceiling. Katie and I can easily move it together.
Buy special, cover anything and everything paint for the kids rooms upstairs.
Buy a cargo trailer.
Make salsa....must be today. No if ands or buts about it!
Scrape kitchen ceiling and patch and mud. Scraping on Tuesday - tomorrow.
Scrape and mud bathroom ceiling. Scraping on Tuesday - tomorrow.
Start painting kitchen. Picked a color!!!! Will start after walls have been taped and mudded. All must be done before the 19th, when the new fridge will be picked up!
Mow back yard.
Spray weed killer.  Doing this afternoon when the baby goes down for a nap.
Lay grass seed.  Doing on Thursday
Chisel out 3" thick cement and tile shower pan. 1/2 way out!!! Need to wait for trash pick up to take up the rest! Then new shower will go in - and I'm not doing it! Kids to bag tile and sheet rock on floor today!!
Finish getting bathroom floor out! Going to work around this. I may not take it out.  Not going to take it out. It would have required a jack hammer, and I for one do not want to use a jack hammer! So, we will lay thin cheap tile to make the floor even, and then go over that!
Staining kitchen cabinets. ALL doors and drawers are done....over 1/2 done.        
Stain cabinets under bar.
Make Jam. 
Birthday shopping
Mother's Day shopping/mailing
Order new fridge!!!!
Paint rooms upstairs.
Rearrange upstairs.
Move desktop, printer, scanner, ect. upstairs.
Freecycle: desk, office chair, small filing cabinet.
Pick up cans for dry pack canner and can 7 grain cereal, popcorn, and other items.
Pick up dry pack canner.


Erin said...

Wow - busy busy busy bee! Aw, but wouldn't a jackhammer be fun?... =p

JedandKym said...

You're amazing!