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27 May 2010

Katie Advance's!

Click to enlarge!!!

Katie's report card:

Her TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - AKA Texas State Testing) Scores:

What you are looking at for TAKS.......

First test was Reading. She missed 2 out of a possible 40. Standard score for State wide is 554. State Commended Performance is a score of 725 or higher. Katie scored a 725.

Second test was Mathematics. She missed 1 out of a possible 42. Standard score: 554. Commended Performance scores 698 or higher. She scored 774!!

Last test was Writing. She got a 3 out of 4. Only 3 others in her school got that score. No one made a 4. Raw score for Standard is 2100. Raw Commended, 2400. Katie scored, 2501!!

1 comment:

The Old Buffington's said...

Wow that is so great!!!!!! I'm so proud of her!!!!