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20 April 2010

SweetPea Ring Slings Review

There is nothing I love more than being close to my little ones. I am a true believer in attachment parenting. Thus the reason that I am a strong advocate of baby wearing!

With so many different ways to wear your little ones and recent recalls, it can be confusing as to what is safe and what isn't and proper ways to wear your infants.

SweetPea Ring Slings not only is safe, but they go above and beyond to help you make sure that your baby is safe! With complete instructions on how to safely hold your infants and toddlers, SweetPea Ring Slings also gives instruction on how to safely nurse in the comfort of your sling!

Did you know that SweetPea Ring Slings were featured in Mothering Magazine for their baby safety page??? Check it out!

Now, I have tried many different carriers. I have 2 that I have fallen in love with! One of which is SweetPea Ring Slings! Christie, hand makes each and every single sling, with love, out of her home. She takes the time to iron out each sling, thread them each correctly, so when they are received by you, they are ready to use!

Eventually, you are going to have to wash your sling. But have no fear! Directions to properly re-thread can be found HERE!

These slings are so comfortable and so fashionable! Even wearing my almost 18 pound - 9 month old is a breeze! I'm not exactly wearing properly in that picture...my rings need to be more towards the middle of my chest, but you get the idea! And the best part, he loves it too!

My son craves being held! He's at the stage where stranger danger begins and collides head on with separation anxiety! My sling has become a permanent fixture. I actually need to buy a second one! That way I will have one in my home and one in the car! Currently, the sling I have, when not being worn, sits on top of my diaper bag. That way it's ready to go when we are!

The quality is superb! Such amazing workmanship goes into each and every sling. Great care is taken, to make sure that these can be used more than just a handful of times! And they are beautiful!!!  Just look at some of these:



Slings can be made custom for you. Cool weather, hot weather. With a pocket or without. Colors and fabrics galore! Prices start at a very reasonable $45 and can vary depending on the type of fabric you choose and if you would like to add a zippered pocket.  SweetPea Doll Slings  are $13 if purchased at the same time as your adult sling. Otherwise they are $15.

All comments and opinions are mine and mine alone. I was not paid for this review, however a sling was provided to help in facilitating it.


Cathi said...

I wish we wore our babies when mine were little. There weren't any options that I knew of so I carried mine around. All. Day. Long. ;)

Erin said...

I really need to get and try one of her slings! They are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like to spend my free time by reading various web resources and today i came across your site and I think that it is one of the best free resources available! Well done! Keep on this quality!

Holly Langford said...

I am considering a sweet pea ring sling, can you tell me your opinion of the shoulder comfort and namely for extended lengths of time? I would really appreciate your feedback! thanks!

Holly Langford said...

hey! I am searching for a ring sling for my self, i have never worn a sling before but the ring sling seems to be they way to go for me, being a breastfeeding mother. My main concern is the shoulder... i see a few different type, pleated, pleated and slightly padded, the sweet pea, none of the above... i want to know what is going to be most comfortable and for extended lengths of time. I a tall and lean. The sweet pea is one i am considering. Can you give me some feed back on how the comfort is for your shoulder, and especially for lengths of time? thanks, i would greatly appreciate it!!!