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05 April 2010

Leather CPR Review and Free Sample!

So you have a leather chair that the kids have soiled. Maybe some leather shoes that could use some love. Leather seats in your car that are starting to look grimy? A new mitt that could use some conditioning before the big game. Or maybe all of these?!  You have no idea what to use, do you?! Well, I have something for you!!! Leather CPR!!

Leather CPR has surprised me! Seriously surprised me! I completely expected this product to be tinted, foul smelling and greasy. It's not. It has a very refreshing smell and is far from greasy! Better yet, it's not tinted, so it can be used on any leather (of course testing in an inconspicuous spot, is always recommended!) I've tried it on our couch, ottoman, and our recliner and am still planning on taking it outdoors!! I have been pleasantly surprised with how well it preformed. This product has returned my furniture to a like new look! A pretty hard thing to do with 5 sets of gritty little hands!!!

The makers of Leather CPR have also created Granite CPR and Carpet CPR. Both of which I have had amazing results with! Now, I only have granite in one smaller bathroom. The kids upstairs bathroom. Need I say more?? Granite CPR is hard working, and has brought up ink pen (I have a daughter with a fascination of pulling the pen head off of pens...eeeeek), off of my white sink and counter top!!!

I also decided to give it a try on my solid surface counters in the kitchen! I know it's for granite, but I wanted to just see what would happen. Not only did it give my counters a beautiful, grease-less shine, it has helped to protect them from my family's everyday functions in the kitchen! The shine.....oh the shine! It's a beautiful thing!!

Carpet CPR has also amazed me. I have a stain, almost like a drag or drip, as you walk  stain that is in my bedroom. We have no idea how it got there or where it came from. Disturbing, if you ask me! I simply sprayed some Carpet CPR onto a section of carpet and allowed it to sit for a few minutes, as per the directions on the back of the bottle.

Right now, for a very limited time, you can receive a full sized sample for Leather CPR!!!  Simply click HERE!

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program with Leather CPR who supplied the product for review.

1 comment:

Cathi said...

Thanks so much! We have ivory colored leather furniture in our living room and with three grandchildren at our house everyday the furniture needs some CPR!