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30 March 2010

Tuesday Tells All

Today I would love for you to meet Casey! She is new to cloth diapering and she would love to share with you what she has found so far.

My diaper journey is only just beginning.  I have tried many types and styles so far.  My son is almost 6 months old and I have cloth diapered since he was born.  Though in the beginning it was only on a part time basis.  To start I tried Bummis diaper covers and Gerber tri-fold flat diapers.  These are made very well and after a few washes they still looked like new! This worked well but is was a bit bulky.  I later realized that the flat diapers come in sizes!  I guess that was my introduction into cloth diapering.  

When he started to out grow his diapers I decided to try a few styles to see what I really liked and then buy a whole bunch of those.  First up was a Thirsties all in one pocket diaper.  I bought two of these and a soaker to go in them.  At first these were ok.  The more I used them the less I liked them.  They became stinky and it took a very long time to dry. I did turn them inside out to dry and that helped but not enough to keep them. On the good side, leaks were no problem and they fit him well. 

I also bought  Thirsties fitted diaper and a Bummis Super Bright cover.  These too are made very well.  I loved the colors and how soft the fitted diaper was.  It the fitted diaper had a pul layer hidden inside it would be just so cute.  They are a bit bulky and I was not to happy about the wetness going through the whole diaper.  So I tried something new.  A Baby Soft Wrap diaper was my next choice.  I still have these and plan to keep on using them.  These are an all in two diaper.  I used the all hemp soaker until  just recently because the soaker is a bit too stiff.  I do suggest washing your hemp soakers many time before using them because the oils in them can cause you baby's skin to be red.  The soaker I used now is the Flip disposable for going out places.  It works like charm!  The messes on the cover wash right off because the inside layer against your baby's skin is fleece.  Even breastfed baby's messes wash off well.  

So now I have my two favorites.  First is my Bumgenius Organic All in One Diaper.  I have a ton of these now. When you get them home and see how soft and well made  they are you know that you made a great purchase for your baby.  The organic cotton is just so soft.  It is a snap diaper. No velcro here! These diaper have a no topstitch leg opening.  At first I was against this but now I realise this is a great feature.  This is because the topstitching can cause leg redness.  The layers come attached to the inside on a loop that is attached at both ends.   Now I want to say these dry easily but they do not.  They take about 65 minutes on high in my dryer.  So I did some alterations to make them work.  I detached the layers and put snaps on the diapers.. Now all I have to do is snap off the soaker and it dries very quickly.. I also line dry these and save even more money.

Grasshopper Diapers are my new favorite.  This is mainly because there are no alterations I need to make these work.  The only draw back I have for these is that they are not a one size diaper.  The design and craftsmenship is very good.  The cotton/bamboo soaker attaches with snaps.  This is also a snap diaper. The snaps are very well placed and I have had no leaks.  These also dry so quickly!  The colors are bright and fun.  I wish they had more boy colors!  You can purchase additional soakers or booster to add more absorbency.  These are the best I have purchased. 

Casey would like to share a few of her favorite places to purchase her diapers!!!

Thank you Casey!!!!

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