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18 March 2010

I.V. Thursday!

Today on I.V. Thursday, my Mom!!!

A little background. Mom had 9 of us!! Most were cloth diapered! My youngest sibling is 15.

  • How many of us did you cloth diaper?
I used cloth diapers with all you kids but Daniel.

  • In years, how long was that?
Well it was 78 thru 92.  (14)

  • What kinds of supplied did you need? 
Wipes, diapers (flats), diaper pins, plastic pants .

  • What was your worst fear?
The washer would break down.

  •   Did dad help at all?
No, he didn't do diapers.

  • How many of us did you have in diapers at one time?
   I had three kids in diapers at one time, three different times.

  • Tell me the truth! How do you feel about all of this?
I'm glad those days are over, but loved that I was able to do that for our babies.

  • What is your fondest memory of cloth diapering?
When you girls would try to imitate me and diaper your dolls. (My Sis.)

  • Your worst? 
When the diapers would leak...... clear up the back.... every time we were walking out the door.

  • Why did you switch to disposable with Daniel?
Dad said that I deserved to use disposable diapers after so many years of cloth ones.

  • What were the benefits to CDing that you saw?
Most of you kids had allergies to the disposable ones so glad that I could do the cloth ones.

  • After seeing what I use on Bubba, would you choose to do cloth again, knowing how much it's changed?
Hard to think of doing diapers again but I do think that I would prefer cloth.

Thanks Mom! I love you!            


Michelle said...

but i cant find the email. eeks.

Michelle said...

i forgot to do mine. we'll have 'em to you soon!