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11 March 2010

I.V. Thursday!

Today on I.V. Thursday I interview Charity and Paul! Parents to Charlotte and Samara!

  • Before learning about the benefits of cloth diapering, what were your thoughts on the subject?
It always intrigued me. I wanted to learn more, but never really had the support of my partner, so I just used disposables to avoid the argument. I initially thought, before researching anything, that cloth diapering would be difficult because of the added steps of cleaning them. 

  • How long have you been using cloth?
A little under 6 months.

  • What was your worst fear?
I wouldn’t have enough diapers to get me through a day with both girls. Going out in public with only cloth diapers in my bag was a very close second.

  • Does Paul help? If so How does he do?
He changes diapers and will run the washer a second time to rinse. He’s actually a big help. Without him, I may not have clean diapers when I need them.

  • Have you discovered any tricks you could pass along to other moms?
Distilled vinegar in a Downy ball during the first washing. OMG it works so well at getting rid of the smell and makes the inserts even softer (if that’s possible with micro fiber).

Ok! Paul's turn!!!!

  • Tell me the truth! How do you feel about all of this?
I think that for the benefit of the children, cloth diapers are ultimately the way to go. As long as they are cleaned properly, the lack of chemicals is better for their skin. Changing them is not any different than a disposable, just prep time is a little longer

  • Does the routine seem like a lot of work? 
Not anymore than a disposable. Again, the prep time takes a little longer than a disposable, but keeping a separate bin for them and washing them in a load by themselves is no different than doing laundry. It saves those late night runs to Wal-Mart when you realize you’re out of diapers when you have an atomic blowout.

  • Do you have a routine that is different from Charity's?
Not that I’m aware of. She does the majority of the routine though with prepping the diapers beforehand. That way, when it’s time for a diaper change, all I have to do is grab one. I am thankful for that and grateful to have such a wonderful wife who is concerned about the ultimate well being of our children. A very hard worker at the house.

  • What was your first thought when Charity brought up the idea of cloth diapering?
“I support you in what you do, but I find it very nasty and won’t deal with it.” I believe is the first thought. I was a typical stubborn man when it came down to it.

  • Have you learned any tricks that you can share with other dads?
Have the new one handy, and have that diaper pail right there next to you so you can put the soiled one into it.

For both of you!

  • If you could tell anyone anything about cloth diapering what would it be? 
Paul: Make sure that you’re willing to put in the effort. The money saved is worth the effort. Have plenty on hand and ready. We have 2 different sized diaper wearers in the house, so keeping them separate so you don’t grab the wrong size is essential. Have them prepared before you do the change which means have a good stash handy. It seems like a big cost in the beginning, but worth it in the end.

Charity: It’s really a lot easier than you think. You don’t need a special washer and dryer (although front loaders with steam sanitization really help) to wash them. Depending on the type of diaper you have, they dry really fast. If you have a resistant spouse, be persistent. He (or she) will see the benefits in the long run. The benefits aren’t just for your kids. Yeah, the lack of chemicals helps keep diaper rashes at bay, but the benefit of not having sewage at the landfill helps too.


Paul and Charity have the following items in their stash:

For Samara (6 months):

  • 12 unbleached Chinese Prefolds
  • 2 Wonder Wraps
  • 12 Birdseye Flatfolds (I use them at night with the prefolds)
  • 1 BumGenius snap AIO
  • and 7 Happy Heiney one size pockets (w/ snaps)

For Charlotte (2.5 years):

  • 8 Fuzzi Bunz Perfect fit pockets in medium (w/ snaps)
  • 8 BumGenius one size pockets (w/ hook & loops)
  • 3 Zorb inserts for nighttime (I pair them with microfiber inserts, very absorbant)

Charity: I mainly use the prefolds with Samara because she's so small.  I also use the dreaded diaper pins and have stabbed myself quite a few times, but never Samara.  I always keep a hand between the pin and her skin, so I'll get me instead of her.

Diaper Pin Tip from my mom: 
  • Before pinning pin through diaper layers, run the pin on your scalp. The natural oils on your scalp will help the pin slide easily though diaper layers!

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