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01 February 2010

:( Due to unforeseen circumstances

I will not be doing part 2 today. I will do it, at some point....just keep checking back.  My dryer, just as I went to toss in a load of diapers to wash, pooped out. Darn Electrolux! I am now having to wait for a new heating element. I really don't want to take pics down at the laundromat. Those machines are big enough, I can toss 2 loads into the one dryer. Not ideal for my diaper run down! But have no fear......it will be up!

For those of you that commented on my last post, and showed interest  in seeing the next post, I will somehow get a hold of you and let you know it's up. I'll also post it on my twitter and facebook!


Corrie Howe said...

Sorry to hear about your dryer problems. I hate when that happens.

Sharon said...

poopy about your dryer. and poopy about your 2nd post being put off... can't wait to read about the poopy! :)

I just love the word poopy... and you for giving me a reason to say it so much!!

Anonymous said...

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