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12 February 2010

Cloth Babies Dance for Ellen!!!

Why????  It's all part of #OperationFluffy!  Cloth diapering babies and moms everywhere want Ellen to have a feature show all about cloth diapering!!!!

(Mom! Know you are reading!!! Regin is at 2 minutes 21 seconds ;)  )

How to join #OperationFluffy:
1.  Watch the video and share it with everyone you know!  Tweet it, Facebook It, Stumble It, Email It, you name it!  We want the world to see our cute cloth diaper dancing babies!
2.  Join the Facebook page dedicated to #OperationFluffy, I want to get cloth diapers on The Ellen Show!
3.  Tweet about #OperationFluffy and share pics of your own kids in cloth diapers.
4.  Read more about #OperationFluffy on Dirty Diaper Laundry blog and follow @KimRosas on Twitter for updates!
OK, Ellen…we really want you to see all these cute fluffy bums in person! So give us a call, tweet, or email!  Thanks!!!

HUGE Thanks to Kim Rosas and The Eco Chic for putting this together!!!!!


The Eco Chic said...

It was mostly Kims project...I just gave some advice. :)

Corrie Howe said...

Okay! I did my part. I tweeted. I love all your fun cartoons and stuff today.

Joe @ 20 To Life said...

I know hoe great cloth diapering is (I was a cloth diaper baby) I just can't bring myself to be not-lazy enough to do it. I'm glad you do though!! :D (Sorry - does that sound obtuse? I was only thinking out loud, which I tend to do as I write. Filthy habit ....)
Happy Friday Follow!

mom2ahrj said...

i would gladly pass this on but (1) i have no kids in diapers anymore, and (2) i would feel hypocritical because i never used cloth diapers when i did :-|
but...i'm a new follower thanks to the friday follow AND i'm a fellow army wife :-D
loving your blog!

Erin said...

Came over from Friday Follow. Always happy to follow a fellow Army wife!