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18 January 2010

Martin Luther

“What Had to Happen?,” New Era, Mar 2005, 8

Martin Luther

Born in 1483, Martin Luther is one of history’s most important religious reformers, although he was not the first. Martin did not start out as a religious scholar. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, but Martin left his law training to join a monastery.
He studied the Bible in great depth and concluded that people were saved by faith alone and not by their good works (a belief still held today in the Lutheran Church). His knowledge of the scriptures also led him to challenge church leaders, who he felt were corrupt. And he was especially angered by the sale of indulgences, which supposedly allowed people to buy forgiveness.
Martin Luther’s studies led him to write a document called the Ninety-five Theses, which challenged the practices of the church. His efforts laid a foundation for future reformers who continued to work for religious freedom in Europe.

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