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12 December 2009

Today is the big day!!!! Part 3

Part 2 HERE
Final installment for today! Work will pick up again bright and early Monday morning!

Isn't it beautiful! One little lone patch of wallpaper!

Ok, you asked for it...here's the close up. Gorgeous, isn't it?! 

What's that? You say???  Old window turned spice rack perhaps??? Definitely used to be a window though!




Summers Family said...

Wow... its amazing how quickly it comes down... not so quick going back up though!

AFLescarb said...

How are you going to function without a kitchen?

Mom's Place said...

I only have to function without my stove until Monday. We're crock-potting tomorrow and did pizza tonight.

Amy said...

wow, guess you never know what is under the wall until you take it down :)
Wish I could help. Looks like you have a lot to do.

Corrie Howe said...

Wow! Guess that means hubby couldn't cry over the Army vs. Navy game.

My hubby is Naval Academy grad.

My father is an Air Force Academy grad.

I'm telling my children to go to West Point so not to get into the middle of Dad and Pop Pop.