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04 December 2009

*Let it snow**Let it snow**Let it snow*

Want to see what we woke up to this morning???
It was so hard when I first started taking pictures. The snowflakes kept getting in the way, so my camera read it as the subject being too close! LOL! It was fun though!

Yes, the girls still had school. They were so bummed. I'm glad I let them go out and play in it this morning before school.


At 8am:


First time playing in snow:


The dog! LOL! She was the best part!!! When ever she was let out, she was on a rampage trying to catch every little snowflake before it hit the ground!


When the snow stopped about an hour ago, we had an accumulation of 4 inches on our trampoline!!


Corrie Howe said...

Hoping it holds off until Saturday afternoon. Our small group is scheduled to do yard work and small repairs on a house of a fellow church member whose husband walked out on her.

You take beautiful pictures.

Rachel and Danny said...

What!! We've barely had snow here yet! Aren't you guys in Texas? That's so crazy!

Meeko Fabulous said...

I am SO freakin' jealous!

Letti said...

It sounds like we just missed the snow. Too bad the kids had to go to school. That would have been fun to build a snowman. Great pictures.