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21 December 2009

Help with a Science Experiment

Can you help with this little guy's science experiment???

I am a fifth grader and my teacher has agreed to send this email to 5 people on the first week of Christmas Break.  I am working on my science experiment for this year and my experiment is to see whether or not I can wish every state a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before 6:00 pm Mountain Time on January 1st.  I think I can wish at least one person in every state a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  My teacher and my dad doesn't think that I can.

My teacher has helped me set up a website to record if you got this email.  If you get this email could you please go to, experiment.dixiesun.org and fill out at least your state, but you can fill out us much information as you want.

After filling in the form, could you please send this to your friends (only ones who wouldn't mind, I don't want to make anyone mad at Christmas break).

Thanks for helping me,
A 5th Grader
Dixie Sun Elementary School
St George, Utah


Cloudkicker said...

Thanks for putting this on your blog! This is my brother-in-law's class. So far they are up to 29 states (I don't know which ones) and also have England and China represented. I'll keep you posted.

Cloudkicker said...

They are only missing these states...West Viriginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana, Delaware, Rhode Island. If anyone knows someone in these states send them the note! They are so close and it is only Tuesday!