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05 December 2009

Christmas Pasta

Sweet Dear Michelle at Blessed Quiver is doing an AWESOME advent!

She had a FANTASTIC idea for a meal! Red and Green Dinner! How fun is that?!

Do you want to see what I came up with??? Here you go! Complete with directions, so you can do it too!


Add pasta to 2 separate pans. 
Add food coloring in desired strength.
Cook your pasta as you normally would.




Drain water from pasta.
Quickly rinse with cool water. 
In serving bowl or pan, mix in enough butter to 
slightly coat to prevent sticking.


Add you favorite Alfredo sauce.


Add Spinach!


Perhaps your favorite Garlic Bread




Summers Family said...

Yummmmm... You are SO creative! I want to try some... if only Andy liked spinach... he's so PICKY!!!!

The Hunt Family said...

guess i would have known what your picture was if i saw this first. LOL
cute idea. what would you do instead to make it non dairy?

Mom's Place said...

Amy, let me think about it for a bit and experiment...I'll tell you what I find!

Corrie Howe said...

I love the idea...but no one eats spinach and half the family doesn't do dairy.