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08 December 2009


Do you ever have one of those days that you wish you could just crawl under a rock and never come out? Yesterday was one of those for me. I have never felt so humiliated, loved, irritated, mad, hurt and numb in one day. So that you get the full story, I need to backtrack to last month.

We have been looking for the PERFECT picture of the Los Angeles Temple. We didn't want the regular stock photo that everyone sells. It doesn't show the full building, and it is such a beautiful one. Well I FINALLY found one! This one to be exact:

Isn't it GORGEOUS?! This is where the man of my dreams and I were married over 11 years ago!! Kendall captures it perfectly! Upon check out, it claimed that my address did not match what my bank had on file. The screen automatically went to another that showed server error. Ok, that had to have just been some sort of glitch. I called Kendall and did everything over the phone. Nothing went wrong.

Cyber Monday - Remember the GORGEOUS hood that I ordered?? Yup, that one isn't coming. They called me a few days later saying that they could not run my card because the address doesn't match what the bank has on file and that they were canceling my order.
I get on the horn and call the bank. Sure enough, someone has called in asking for all accounts to be changed to a new address. I provide MAJOR identification and security answers, the address is changed back, and an investigation is launched. They even had the associates name (which hasn't been given to me yet) on file!
Feeling much better, I go on with my life.

Que Yesterday, the day from hell!

I make a run to Walmart. My youngest 2 and I have a quick "special lunch" at McD's and then start our shopping. There are a few things that we need to pick up for the week, the last 2 santa gifts I needed, and the new PJ's the kids will open the night before Christmas. I proceed to checkout. Swipe my card...no go. Figure that I must have pined in my # wrong. It is 6 digits long (got to love CA). Still nothing. So I figure I'll just hit the credit option and just sign it instead. Still No go.

I know for a fact that my account is just fine, so I tell her I'll take care of this over at customer service so that I don't hold up her line. My face is beat red, I felt like I was going to cry. Luckily I have my phone on hand so I jump on with Bank of America. Turns out someone reported MY card as stolen! Well it certainly wasn't me! I was holding my card in my hand the whole time...it's NOT stolen, missing or misplaced...and never has been. I ask the bank "how the heck am I supposed to pay for my groceries?", they answer, "Well, IF you have checks, then you can pay with a check."

Well that's fine and dandy, I do have checks...but guess what. Yup! They are all at home! I don't write checks anymore with one exception, tithing! That's it! Nothing else! I quick checked the time, I am now running late to pick kids up. I told the CSM that I was going to leave my cart with her, run and pick up my kids from school, grab a check, and then I will be back.

I got all the way home, quick grabbed a check, the house phone (cordless), my USB charging cable for the phone, paper and something to write with and head to the school. As I am sitting at the school waiting for my kids (they do staggered release), I'm back on the phone with my bank trying to get more in depth details as to what is going on.

Who ever has done all of this, didn't change my address this time....but they were stupid enough to have another card issued and mailed to THEIR HOME ADDRESS. Stupid idiot! You've been caught! (Sorry, thought I'd say it, just in case they are stalking me as well).

I go and take care of Walmart and head back home. Where I spent another 4 hours on the phone with different fraud departments, including a CA specialist. As I did all of that, I was also filling out local police reports, Fraud alerts on every credit reporting agency, and now have paper work started with the fraud/identity theft department in Dallas, TX.

Oh yes, and Mr. or Mrs. Idiot, if you are stalking me - I set up a special password and code with the bank. Something only my hubby and I know. No one else. Your BUTT is about to get handed to you and we will be pressing charges. You have messed with the wrong person this time!

So today starts a new day. Let's hope it's a better one!


Letti said...

OH man I hate that we have to be so careful with our stuff. I think that people that do this stuff should get a very severe punishment.

The picture of the LA temple is beautiful.

Corrie Howe said...

Gorgeous picture!!!!! And I'm alarmed about your trouble. If it can happen to you, then it can happen to anyone.

Sharon said...

WOW!!! Thats incredible!! (and what a moron to hand the bank/cops/fraud people their home address. I can't believe the lengths some people will go t be dishonest and horrible to others.

Glad you were able to sort it out though!! WOW!

And... great picture!!!

Cloudkicker said...

Holy cow! That's horrible!

Michelle said...

That is terrible. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. But what a praise that you caught it before he/she spent all your money!

AFLescarb said...

I hope this is truly the end to you sad story...my sister hard her card number stolen from two separate accounts and didn't realize it at first. Too scary.