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17 November 2009

So it's been decided

I will be taking my kids "school" pictures from now on. It used to be the ONLY fundraiser that we participated in. I give a lot of my time into our school. And I think this will be good enough for now as I am now taking pictures for the coach for the weekly runners of the week.

Besides, I can take much better pictures than who our school uses and not make it look like snooty poses. I HATE posed pictures! I only tolerate it for our family pictures because I simply can not be in the picture and take them also, unless I use my tripod (lacking a remote control to be able to do this).

ON ANOTHER NOTE  ...    I now have my kitchen sink

My Faucet:

My Stove:

We currently have a matching new dishwasher...and a fridge that will tie us through until I find the PERFECT one!!!!  

Solid Surface samples will be brought over soon.....our cabinets will be started on this weekend! This all is leaving me smiling so BIG!!!!!!


Sharon said...

I'm so excited for your kitchen stuff!!!! Love it all!!!

AFLescarb said...

I have to agree with the school pic thing. My kids pictures usually aren't that great. So last year I just took head shot of them myself and I thought they were just fine. Then I can print only what I need not a bunch of junk that collects dust.

Corrie Howe said...

I love the sink and faucet. I don't like the school pictures either. And our school does it twice a year. And now all the sports teams are doing them. And not only pictures but posters and mousepads and mugs and....

Kids can be such a pain about wanting all this stuff too!

Michelle said...

Well yea...I always bought the school pictures too. I agree that they were always horrible.

Now we take our own.

Whitney said...

Good luck on the new equipment, love your blog!