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10 November 2009

A post full of Give Aways!

Have kids??? Watch PBS as a kid and wish that Sesame Street would just go back to what it used to be?????? Now you can have it 24/7...not the new stuff, the episodes we grew up with! Check out RockinMama

Lets talk about exercise! Is that a curse word for you?? Would you ever believe that gentle stretching could be considered exercise? Yoga is nothing more than gentle stretching and balance. It strengthens from the core out! Check out this AMAZING site! It's full of fantastic Yoga DVD's, and a free Yoga Give Away!

What more can bring out that inner child within more than coloring? Crayola has come out with this completely awesome, can never be bored again - or - run out of pages to color system!!!! Check it out here, and who knows...you may even win a telescoping crayon tower!!!

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