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28 October 2009

Where in the world Wednesday

Where or Where is this located???   Alaska



Meeko Fabulous said...

The last one is the North Pole! Or around there at least . . . That's the scientific phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights. :)

April Miner said...

Those are beautiful! Did you take them?

Corrie Howe said...

Don't know, but these places and photos are gorgeous.

Corrie Howe said...

Thanks for telling me these are from Alaska. I was born there. Have you been stationed at Ft. Wainwright? That's where I was born. My in-laws love Alaska and have been a few times. One day I'd like to go back. I haven't been there since I was two years old.

Niki said...

ITS HOME!!!!! *excited giggle* I know those pictures!

Cathi said...

Gorgeous photos!!
I'm pleased to say that you are the winner of the Halloween Carols giveaway on my blog.
Please send me your name and address for shipping.
I'm so excited for you! I love this CD.
simplycathiblog at gmail dot com