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16 October 2009

So we won the lottery!

The, "I'm sorry your produce will be there Tuesday Lottery"! LOL!  They forgot to stick our stuff on the truck. I find it so funny! Last time, I had to run and pick something up before the truck arrived, only to find that it arrived at 7:35 in the morning! Eeeeek!  I figured that it would be late, so when we found out that the stuff won't be here today, but Tuesday instead, I busted up!

I was told that I was handling it pretty well! Most people chew him (the owner of the company) out, curse, all sorts of ugly stuff!

The only part that I am bummed about, is the pumpkins. No pumpkin pictures today.......So stay tuned for them on Tuesday!!!!!


Andrea said...

Guess what else you've won??

My YouCanMakeThis.com Halloween giveaway! I'll be emailing you... :)

Mom's Place said...

Are you serious???? WOOHOOO!!!! I never win anything fun! Thank you Andrea!