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04 October 2009

"Do snails make good pets mom?"

Zada asked that Saturday morning. As she was holding on. Apparently we now have a pet snail that's name is Slimey and lives in a bowl with no lid. Strange that it is still alive and has had no urge to crawl out.

Wait...do snails crawl? Slither? What do they do?!

Here's a funny tid bit. Emma loves snails! She lets them "crawl" all over her and she loves it. Giggles and just has a great time with it. Any bugs however...she freaks out! She won't even touch a tiny hermit crab! There is a store in our mall that has crabs, and they have a teeny one. The shell is less than an inch long. She freaked out! LOL!


Niki said...

When we lived in England Tyler used to have 9. They were Slimeys 1-9. He knew which one was which. They ate lettuce and lived in this small portable goldfish container that we found at the BX. He would let them crawl on him too and "take them for walks" and everything!

Letti said...

Snails are not my favorite things. Especially when I step on them barefoot. ooohhhhh