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09 October 2009

2009 Kids Fishing Derby

We took the kids fishing today. The rec camp was supposed to have an area netted off and had that area stocked by fish and wild life. We get there all excited! No way the kids won't catch any fish in these circumstances, right on!! Nothing was netted off or stocked. Was such a bummer. The kids were given a bunch of worms and sent out and wouldn't you know!!!! We were catching fish!! Even Emma, who had previously only ever pretended to fish wish a plastic fish!!

The kids had such a great time, except for Trice. Does that surprise any one??? She eventually got into it and even got a catfish! That one got away. Not long after she wheeled in a little blue gill!

(pictures are backwards, but I'm sure you get the idea!)


AFLescarb said...

looks like lots of fun...your a great mom...I spent my morning at the soccer fields

Becca said...

Looks like a blast. How fun!